Fargo, ND

Robert Gibb & Sons scope of work on this new facility was plumbing and ventilation in the Central Energy Plant. Our scope in the Medial Center was all rain water piping and ventilation of floors 5—10. We also provided assistance to MMC’s Building Information Modeling team.

Through the use of Fabrication CADMep we were able to prefabricate spools of all our ventilation systems in our controlled fabrication shop. Spools were delivered to the job site as needed on material carts and raised to upper floors via tower crane or exterior material skips. Through this process we were able to reduce waste on the project and reduce the amount of stored materials on site. Communication on this project was key for deliveries of material and sequencing our scopes of work. As a team member of this project we were able to refine our prefabrication and material handling process.

Mechanical Subcontractor

Date Completed:
January 2017

Estimated Completion Time:
26 months

Services Provided:
BIM and Construction

Sanford Health
Fargo, ND

Mechanical Contractor:
Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors
Eden Prairie, MN