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Building Automation

Did you know that any building can have centralized control of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other systems? The result is improved comfort, efficient operations, and reductions in energy consumption and operating costs.

Buildings with such an automation system are often called “Smart Buildings” or referred to as intelligent buildings.

Computer networks can be setup to monitor and control mechanical, security, lighting, back up power, HVAC, ventilation and more in a building. Some of the functionality in a Building Automation System (BAS) can include:

  • Keeps the building climate within a specified range
  • Provides lighting to rooms based on an occupancy schedule
  • Monitors performance and device failures in various systems
  • Provides malfunction alarms to building maintenance staff

Most commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings built after 2000 include a building automation system (BAS), but many older buildings have to be retrofitted with a new BAS. However, that is typically financed through energy and insurance savings, and other savings associated with pre-emptive maintenance and fault detection.

Our team of technicians can design, install, maintain and repair temperature control systems.  Our technicians are constantly training to stay up to date with the controls industry.  They are qualified to work on all types of building automation systems (BAS).

Our custom preventative maintenance programs offer a cost-effective alternative to original manufacturer service agreements. And our technicians not only service all brand of products and systems, but also provide on-site training of personnel on facility temperature control system.

We offer the following BAS services:

  • Pneumatic, electric, & electronic systems
  • Direct Digital Controls
  • Computer-based energy management

Emergency Service

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