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We’ve spent the last 100 years getting this good.

Professional Boiler Service Ensures Consistent, Warm Comfort

Robert Gibb & Sons sets the standard when it comes to boiler products and service for homeowners and businesses within a 50-mile radius of Fargo-Moorhead. Our technicians are prepared for all types of boiler service—whether your boiler is gas, oil, electric—and even steam. And with a century of experience, we can attend to your need—usually within the same day.
The longtime technicians at Robert Gibb are skilled and highly proficient—they’ve seen it all and worked on practically every brand and boiler model, from high-efficiency condensing boilers to cast iron.

Servicing and installing a wide array of boiler systems and manufacturer products, we maintain “R” stamp certification and conduct all work in accordance with pressure vessels codes set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Boiler Installation

We install the most advanced, energy-efficient boilers available—the brands are listed below. If you don’t see your brand listed here, let us know. Chances are we can most likely install and service it.

Some of our customers are surprised to know that boilers can provide domestic hot water for your home—this is known as indirect domestic water heating. Ask us for more details.

Boiler Repair

Whether it’s time to repair or replace your boiler, our experts in diagnosis and repair can help—we’ll show you how to improve its performance and efficiency. We are one of the few businesses around who can repair residential steam boilers—a lost art when it comes to mechanical systems that require a lot of skill!

In most cases, we can repair your boiler. If not, we can discuss a replacement. And if you need help with financing and prequalification, we’ll walk you through the process.

Does Your Boiler Need Repair or Maintenance?

Your boiler may need to be repaired if you notice these signs:

  • Failure to produce adequate heat
  • Your water isn’t hot enough
  • Leaking water
  • Unusual clanking noises
  • Strange metallic odor coming from boiler
  • Boiler is 20 years or older
  • Your carbon monoxide detector keeps going off
  • Boiler constantly needs repairs or can’t be repaired
  • Your fuel bills are increasing

A properly designed and maintained boiler will last for years when inspected at regular intervals. We recommend proactive annual maintenance to ensure your boiler is operating safely and not leaking gas. Our technicians will make sure all components are functioning, and restore the air-fuel mixture for safe, efficient combustion. Carbon monoxide concentrations will be measured to ensure proper burner operation. In the long run, an annual tune-up increases the efficiency of your boiler and makes expensive emergency repairs unlikely. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for boiler maintenance is always a good idea so that your warranty remains valid.

Boilers and Radiant Heating

Robert Gibb offers complete installation and service of radiant heating, with products including boilers and radiant, in-floor heating systems. Ask us about this newest, most efficient heating method. Radiant heat is a great investment—not only in your comfort today but in your home’s resale value.

We can install an in-floor radiant system for you in one room or throughout your entire home. Remember, the best time to install is during a remodeling project or when you’re building a new home. Ask us how radiant heating can work in your home.

Emergency Service

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with prompt response, plus immediate service for emergencies.
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