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In the past couple months, we have been promoting the Nest smart home system and we just wanted to give you some insight about it. Nest has joined forces with Google and now works seamlessly with Google home devices. Not only do Nest products work with your Google devices, they can be controlled, monitored, and adjusted from your smart phone. The Nest line includes two smart thermostats, indoor and outdoor cameras, a smart doorbell with a camera, a smoke and CO detector, a security system, and a smart digital deadbolt door lock.



There are two thermostats to choose from, the Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Learning Thermostat. They both can be used from your smart devices, you can check your history, and you are alerted if there are ant problems. The thermostats work with your schedule, so if you like it warm in the morning and cool at night you can set it from the Nest app. On top of that, it will turn itself down when you’re not there by using your phone’s location. Additionally, it lets you know when it is running efficiently.


The Nest Learning Thermostat goes beyond these capabilities to learn your habits. Within a week the Learning Thermostat learns your habits and will adjust the temperature automatically. The Learning Thermostat is also the first thermostat to be Energy Star Certified! Studies have shown that the Learning Thermostat has saved an average of 10% to 15% on heating and cooling bills, that’s enough to pay for itself in savings!



All Nest cameras are streaming 24/7 and will alert you about activity, whether it’s a burglar or someone has their hand in the cookie jar. They even have microphones and speakers so you can scare off a potential intruder or tell you dog to get off the couch. In addition, they not only give you a clear picture in the daylight but produce a clear picture at night as well. 


The IQ series has even further capabilities, such as recognizing familiar faces. The outdoor cameras will automatically zoom in and follow any new action and can enhance for a clear picture of what is going on around it.



The Nest Hello Doorbell is unlike other video doorbells because it is recording 24/7, not just when the doorbell is pushed. Additionally, it has a taller view to give you the ability to see someone from head to toe. Nest Hello can also make the distinction between a person so it can alert you about a package delivery or someone, even if that someone doesn’t ring the doorbell.


Smoke/CO Detector

The Nest Protect doubles as a smoke and CO detector, but it’s so much more. Unlike a regular smoke detector, the Nest Protect will take into account the amount of smoke and decides how to alert you. For instance, if there is only a small amount of smoke from burned toast, the unit will glow yellow and an alert so you can check on things. But if smoke or carbon monoxide is at a dangerous level the Protect unit will sound and alarm, pulse red, and tell you the location of the emergency. Additionally, the Protect unit can sense the difference between smoke and steam so it won’t sound because of the steam from a shower. It also won’t chirp because of a dead battery, rather than wake you up in the middle of the night it will send and alert to your phone. Not only does it keep the night silent, if you do get up it will light a path for you.


Security System

 The Nest Secure Alarm stands out because it’s not just professionally monitored 24/7, it has many other capabilities. The base unit doubles as a Google assistant, allowing you to tell it to arm or disarm, and if that’s not the route for you, you can use the passcode, the Nest Tag, or your phone. You can even set a schedule so the kids don’t have to worry about disarming after school or so the dog walker can get in. Furthermore, you can set the amount of time to get out of the house after setting it to arm so there’s no rush or frantic countdown.


Digital Deadbolt

The Nest X Yale Lock gives you the ability to not only lock and unlock your home without a key, but the ability to do so on your phone from anywhere. You can even create specific passcodes for family and friends. You can even tell your Google home devices to lock the door from another room. Nest can even sense when you’re away and lock the door automatically.


Now that you know more about the products and their capabilities, you can decide which ones are the right fit for you. You can go all in for a complete smart home or pick the ones that are right for your home. Robert Gibb & Sons is offering 15% off Nest products and an extended 2 year warranty. When you choose Robert Gibb & Sons you can rest assured that your new smart home was installed right the first time.